1 Mar 2012

Tutorial : Make Your Own Tasbeeh

I received an email from Riikka in Sweden and she told me that she is interested in making tasbih by herself, and asked me if I can make pictures of how to make one..

well, here it is... it's not perfect but I hope Riikka and other readers at least have a clue to make a tasbih. and forgive me Riikka, it took three weeks to answer your email.. :)

Tools : Scissors, Flat Nose Plier, Round Nose Plier, and Glue

fig. 1

Actually, the most important tools here are scissors and glue. The plier used depend on the type of tasbih closure.. hehehe.. apa sih ya nyebutnya, tergantung kepala tasbih-nya mau dibuat seperti apa, gitu lho maksudnya.. :P 

Materials : faux pearls, spacer, spacer with ring, beads cap, eye pin, head pin, and string (the picture is in fig. 1)

fig. 2
fig. 3
I'm not familiar enough with beading terminology.. hehe.. so I call the materials as I like.. :P
please correct me if I'm wrong yaa...
note : you can also use cord / thread instead of string.

How to :

1. Take the string and make a hard note at one side (fig. 4 & 5)
fig. 5
2. Put the beads on string, and count until 11 beads (fig. 6)
fig. 6
3. Put a spacer and then continue stringing the beads. (fig. 7 & 8)
fig. 7
fig. 8
4. Keep stringing the beads until u reach three groups of 11 beads separated by spacer, and then put spacer with ring at the end (fig. 9)

fig. 9

5. Tie the finished stringing (fig. 10 & 11)

fig. 10
fig. 11
6. Put a bit of glue in the knot to strengthen the stringing (fig. 12)
fig. 12
Now you have a half-finished Tasbih.. :) 
fig. 13
7.  To Make Tasbih Head, put 3 pearls on eye pin, and make a loop at the end, you can see the detail in Basic Tutorial          

fig. 14
fig. 15
8. Add it on the first stringing, see fig. 16 & 18
fig. 16
fig. 17
9.  Last, make the closure, put 1 pearl + cap, make loop and add on tasbih head. (fig. 18 - 20). For detail see Basic Tutorial.
fig. 18
fig. 19
fig. 20
fig. 21

Voila.. you have a cute tasbih... :D

fig. 22
fig. 23
And my dear friends, please allow me introduce you to my cute assistants ....



  1. mantap nie tutorialnya :) pa lagi asistennya

  2. Bagus mba:) wah sama kayak aku juga suka ditemenin sama jagoan kecilnya juga, semangat terus yah mba :)

  3. Selain cantik, bermanfaat pula! Vita, kangen aku ....

  4. Alhamdulillah ternyata ada juga tutorial tasbih ehhehe..aku lagi nyari mba :) makasi


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