19 Apr 2011

Give Away from fabricframe

This morning.. Arum fabricframe posted her 1st giveaway.. 
She intended to to fulfill her "liburan" with a lot good activities for being a good human, 
what a kind and sweet young woman ^_^

here are the gift :

[pray for japan fabric]
length : 2 metres
wide : 115 centimetres
japan cotton
[ada pak tani]
length : 2 metres
wide : 115 centimetres
batik fabric

[ 3 of fabric camera strap]
best for canon dslr or you can use for anything you want:)

Isn't the gift so cute????
oh.. I loooove give away.... Thank you Arum..

Do U wanna be a part of this Give Away?? visit Arum in her world HERE.


  1. mbaaaa:') makasiih banyaakk..di tunggu ya kabar akhirnya :D

  2. terima kasihh mbaaaa link nyaa:)

  3. sama-sama Arum... semoga aku yang menang.. hehe.. ngarep.com

  4. mbakk:D itu pengumumannya udah ada:) silahkan di intip yaa

  5. maaf ya Mbak
    baru bisa mampirr
    komputerku baru sembuh


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